Thursday, July 9, 2009


They say there is no such thing as perfection. However, when I come across this kind of music I am not sure I would agree with it. It has always amazed me how gifted some people are. It does not matter the kind of art they represent because I think that no one can resist real talent when one is introduced to it.

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Denise De Felice said...

Hi, Gilmar,
I loved to visit your blog. It's so techno!!! There are so many tools. Just by looking through it, I've already learned new e-stuff! Congratulations! And thanks!
By the way, I adored the song La tua semplicitá! I'm a huge fan of that music style as well as of Placido Domingo. My daughter is an opera singer, she's a soprano. I learned to appreciate opera singing by listening to her and to her CDs.
See you!

GilMattos said...

Hey Denise...
Thanks again for the comments. As I said this is my first experience with blogs so I've been trying everything I see around. In fact I had more stuff - I have just "cleaned" it up. WOW - your daughter is a soprano singer? This must be awesome. What's her name? How can I find her CDs?
See you...


Luiz Claudio Monteiro da Silva said...

Hello, Gilmar,
Congratulations on your blog. Anyone can feel your appreciation of music just by scrolling your blog, but what is amazing is your dedication to integrating music into the concept of Web 2.0. Well done! Pity I was not there at the seminar to attend your presentation but the slides bear witness to your continuous drive to achieve "perfection"no matter how elusive this word is. I'll keep on coming back to enjoy the ride.
Luiz Claudio

GilMattos said...

Hi Luiz,
Thank you very much for the kind words. It would have been a pleasure to have you around during the presentation at CTJ. There'll be other opportunities, though. This has been one of my goals as an Educator - actually find a way to introduce these "kids" to good music and I've been quite successful.I admit that some of the stuff I share with them might not be the kind of music they'll be downloading to play on their Ipods but they do recognize its beauty and value and whenever this happens I am on cloud nine (lol). Hope you do come back and let me know about you as well.
Regards from hot Franca-SP-Brazil


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