Sunday, May 23, 2010

Endless Possibilities

Thank to my PLN and the fantastic Silvia Tolisano, whom I have been following on Twitter for quiet some time now I came across an amazing collection of quotations from Flickr and I was immediately caught by this one. I could not help connecting it to one of my favorite songs sung by Barbra Streisand - "Children will listen". As teachers/Educators we must be fully aware of the power we have in our hands and the astounding power of the words: good and bad. Coincidentally, before going to twitter and the whole idea of this blog post come to my mind, I had just finished reading VEJA and the horrid details about this psychopath who beastly tormented a two-year-old girl she was supposed to take care of and become her adoptive mother.
Sad days, crazy days the ones we have been living. Yet, we know we should always be optimists and actually do something so we can live in a better world.
It is no easy task but, again, we know we have been given some special power and we MUST do our best to guide these children so they may, in the future, look behind and say "Mr.Mrs
whoever did make a difference in my life and I'm glad I have followed the right road ".
How about you? What have you been doing with your students? Have you been open enough and resourceful enough to make a difference in their lives? I really hope so.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Open Letter to the Teacher Who Said “I Hate Technology.”

Open Letter to the Teacher Who Said “I Hate Technology.”

I can't help sharing this other fantastic post. I believe we'll all find something relevant while reading it. One of the greatest points for me is the fact that many times we might be afraid of technology just because we may wrongly think we'll be useless in the classroom. This is definitely not true and adapting must be the key word. Honestly, when I think about our local reality I believe students may also be afraid of this new way of teaching which will inevitably affect their way of learning. Leaving one's comfort zone is never easy and most of our students are used to the spoonfeeding they have been receiving for ever and the obsession of "learning" to be successful in quizzes and tests. Well, loads of food for thought here.
Enjoy the reading.
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What Makes a Master Teacher?

What Makes a Master Teacher?

An awesome post I have just come across about the characteristics of a Master Teacher. I believe we can all learn a lot from it and do our best to come as close as possible to this ideal situation so our learners can feel more comfortable when we are together in the classroom.


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