Monday, May 10, 2010

Open Letter to the Teacher Who Said “I Hate Technology.”

Open Letter to the Teacher Who Said “I Hate Technology.”

I can't help sharing this other fantastic post. I believe we'll all find something relevant while reading it. One of the greatest points for me is the fact that many times we might be afraid of technology just because we may wrongly think we'll be useless in the classroom. This is definitely not true and adapting must be the key word. Honestly, when I think about our local reality I believe students may also be afraid of this new way of teaching which will inevitably affect their way of learning. Leaving one's comfort zone is never easy and most of our students are used to the spoonfeeding they have been receiving for ever and the obsession of "learning" to be successful in quizzes and tests. Well, loads of food for thought here.
Enjoy the reading.
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