Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This is another song I have used many times with my groups and they always respond very well to the message. Once again it's been used with Exam Classes and those Advanced groups that for some reason come to the point of thinking "Enough is enough - I've got more than I should/could". The song came to my mind and I think it could also be used as a motto to our group. We all knew how challenging, time consuming and a bit disorienting (to quote Carla) this journey could be. So...DON'T GIVE UP! Enjoy the clip and Josh's awesome voice.


Carla Arena said...

That's the idea, Gilmar. Never giving up! The fact that we're working our way around in group makes the journey even more exciting, a bit disorienting at time, but certainly fun!

Thanks for sharing. I can see you're becoming a true blogger. One of the characteristics is the frequency of posts! In some time you'll find yourself looking at everything that happens in your life and thinking, "hum...this could be a wonderful blog post!"

GilMattos said...

Thank you Carla. You are totally right (as usual). I have already started feeling this way - I am driving on my way to CCBEU I see something , I listen to a song and before I know it I think "what if I post that later?".


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