Friday, October 24, 2008


It is funny. I have just arrived from school today and there was an unusual situation there. I've started teaching two new groups - students who are preparing for the ECCE Michigan Exam. The unusual situation was my arriving 5 minutes late for the very first time in my career. I don't mean to criticize anybody who has problems with being punctual but I feel miserable if for any reason I happen to be late for an appointment. So maybe this was life teaching me we can't have everything under control 100% of the time. It's difficult for me , the medicine did taste bitter but I guess the patient needed. To make matters worse I had another surprise in one of the groups. One of the students, who shall be nameless here, was the last person I could imagine seeing there because we had had some problems in the past.Two lessons on the same day?? Knowing me I am sure there's room for a lot of investigation here. On my way back home I was listening to Barbra (as usual) and this song seemed quite appropriate. The song is about difficult relationships. I guess we should all agree we face a number of difficult situations everyday because of the career we have chosen. There are wonderful days -not a shadow of a doubt and hopefully that's why most of us have been around for so long. Speaking of our careers..."in a very unusual way you've made me whole..."

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