Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have just arrived from a friend's house who has just had her first baby. This friend, who also happens to an EFL teacher/educator, is a very sensible and sensitive person. It was sheer pleasure the couple of hours we spent together. As I was driving back home I was thinking about a song that could be used to describe this experience. As we are celebrating Teacher's Day tomorrow I started thinking about our very first teacher/educator/guider - you name it : our moms. I think if I tried to be politically correct I should mention our parents but I'll follow my initial inspiration and my heart and just write about our moms. I am sure no one can deny this is the purest kind of love one can think about. There was another very special friend there - another amazing, very devoted mother. So, this is my opportunity to share with you this lovely song which best (or very well) summarizes the kind of love I'm talking about. I, for one, have no doubt any mother would certainly mean each and every word here. As a teacher myself I should also take the chance to congratulate you all out there and once again connect it to this homage to our moms - definitely our very first instructors, role models for the years to come.
Trust me I'm sure if they could, they would - just like us teachers/educators.

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